5 Best Practices to Control & Manage Enterprise Mobility

5_Best_Practices_to_Control__Manage_Enterprise_Mobility_EDIT-1.pngWith the rapid growth of mobile devices, organizations are seeking strategies to help control and manage the equally exploding complexity of each connection. Join Will Nankivell, VP/GM Mobility Management and Rick Slawinski, Mobility Solutions Consultant, of Calero, to investigate industry best practices you can apply throughout your organization.

The team will help walk you through established processes, services and technologies to support your stakeholders while gaining insight into the full process – from procurement to payment.

Learn more about:

  • Embracing BYOD:
    Define a business case and plan to effectively manage services in your enterprise
  • Leveraging MDM to its fullest extent: Go beyond provisioning email and network access control to robust security
  • Procuring with a Purpose: Align devices and services to your policy and procure to leverage your optimization plan
  • Optimizing Carrier Services: Benchmark users and usage and share usage trends and analysis of that data
  • Building a Center of Excellence: Define key users and management to sustain a successful program