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Calero World Online 2019
How NBCUniversal Supports the Telecom Needs of Their Clientele

Hear Melanie Gamgene, Principle Engineer at NBCUniversal, as she shares her story about how the company manages telecom support for their studio needs across North America. Their business is one that requires a highly flexible, yet transparent, process to support both internal constituents and external customers – a clientele that expects the highest level of service.


In this session, Gamgene will discuss how she:

  • Leverages ServiceNow integrations with Calero to deliver a front-end customer focused service/ordering portal for her external customers

  • Uses a data-driven approach to support strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and is able to report on those SLAs with analytics built within their existing solution

  • Manages complex financial chargebacks based on actual usage – delivering transparency and instilling trust

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