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Calero World Online 2019
Full Speed Ahead: How Airbus is Taking Off with TEM

The telecom landscape is notoriously complex. For large companies with business operations that span across countries, the challenges only multiply – more locations, carriers, tariff plans, rate structures, etc. Keeping track of inventory, billing, usage and contractual obligations can be challenging. In this session, hear from Ted Flemming with Airbus, as he discusses how his company was able to attain greater visibility and insight into their telecom spend by individual country, identify billing inaccuracies, and leverage cost savings opportunities through their partnership with Calero.


Key takeaways from this session include:

  • How the application of an improper tariff resulted in unnecessary charges

  • How one country's infrastructure did not meet minimum requirements, which translated into an avoidable penalty

  • How they are using their findings to optimize spend across their entire telecom environment