Calero World 2016



Calero World 2016
Asset Management: The Cornerstone of a Successful TEM Program

Telecom asset management should not be an afterthought during a TEM Implementation. Instead, making Asset Management a cornerstone of a successful TEM program lets you create a single, centralized inventory database to inform decision-making and drive operational efficiency gains.


Join  Janice Peters, Business Manager from City of Dallas IT Department, to learn how they’ve innovated to go beyond traditional telecom asset mgmt., using Calero Solutions to perform IT Asset Management inclusive of hardware, software (license and cloud) and wayyy beyond. 




Hear her story, and learn

  • How the City of Dallas has retired multiple legacy systems across dozens of departments 
  • Centralized their IT asset management database into one solution
  • Built out complete asset profiles at the employee level
  • Started exploring other opportunities to leverage Calero solutions for asset management in the City
  • Set up standard automated reconciliation processes and alerts to help identify when invoices have exceeded contract amounts – saving bucket loads of money