Telecom Expense Management as the Core of IT Subscription Management

The transformation of IT from an asset and license-driven environment to a set of services and subscriptions that are constantly changing in terms of scope, variety, and scale provide a unique opportunity for organizations to reconsider and optimize their IT environments. However, to do so, IT, finance, accounting, and sourcing executives must take a strategic approach to their IT subscriptions that can be inspired by their previous experiences in TEM. By taking a TEM-based approach to IT subscriptions, IT departments have the opportunity to reduce cloud-based expenses by 30% or more while gaining the strategic visibility needed to treat IT as a profit center and a strategic business differentiator.

In this white paper, we will discuss how TEM provides the necessary framework to help organizations solve many of the challenges faced today.TEM is the core of IT subscription management


The Communications Lifecycle Management Approach

A solution category evolved from traditional TEM, Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM), provides total visibility across the entire communications lifecycle.

The power of CLM is in its ability to manage all aspects of communications holistically, to understand performance in the aggregate, and the ability to demonstrate the impact on organizational performance.

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